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Book a time to have your home pictures taken by our Photographer! Most shots will be composed to show as much of the space as possible.  Retouching is limited to color correction, brightening the overall space to show content and popping in the window view when desired.  Cracks or holes in walls/concrete, stains, broken fixtures, etc. all remain to show the potential buyer the current condition of the property.  Everything is made as perfect as possible to show the space as the architect, designer and interior designer intended it.  Digital removal of things such as electrical chords, exposed conduit, vents, electrical outlets and light switches are common.  Enhancing and changing colors to compliment or contrast the space is common as well.  Often times, exterior views will be changed, neighboring houses, power lines, and other distracting elements will be removed so as not to detract from the property.  The clients input in the final images is welcomed and is indeed wanted.  The more I know what you are looking for, the better I am able to hit that mark. Real Estate clients can expect their images completed in as little as TWO days for client or realtor review. Pricing varies per home sq ft.  See examples of Tyson's Photos under images tab!

Contact us with any questions OR just book an appointment on our Services menu 

NWDC Photographer, Tyson

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